Just the Business!
Collaborative Business Development for Facilitators
When and Where:
December 8th and 9th 2018, Brixton, London.

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Who’s this for?
This initiative is for facilitators, coaches, mediators, and consultants who sell to organisations and whose client is a position within the organisation. It’s not for people who sell to individuals directly.
What is Collaborative Business Development?
Most small business owners find marketing and sales extremely challenging. For facilitators, it’s no easier, and for many it’s something to avoid thinking about. Facilitators are happy enough networking with people who do what they do, but they rarely talk about business stuff.
So, when it comes to sales and marketing – we find ourselves on our own. We’ve get it – we’ve both been there too.

Meet the Facilitators

Lesley Adams

Lesley is an Organisation Development consultant specialising in supporting Country Directors of International NGOs to build confident, competent leadership teams and a healthy workplace culture.
She has been working on improving her business development systems to enable her to scale her existing work, through a network of skilled facilitators around the world.

Ann Lukens

Ann is a mediator, facilitator, trainer, and leadership consultant, working across all sectors for over 20 years, and with ICA since 1998.
She is developing two new business ventures as an Elder Mediation specialist and an Action Learning Facilitator providing peer supervision for mediators and facilitators.
She continues to train in all of these areas.

Why we’re offering this

A few years ago, we both – independently – decided to get serious about business.
And this year we realised we had a similar idea – that maybe we could help each other on marketing and sales – and maybe we could extend this to other facilitators who we knew were in a similar position and who might believe that together we are stronger – even when it comes to business!
So: we created this two-day workshop, based on participatory principles and tools which will enable us to tap into our collective wisdom and build a supportive business development network – looking particularly at markets for facilitation.

What we’ll cover

It’s called “Just the Business” because it will be just that: a focus on the business side of things. We won’t talk about flipcharts, group dynamics, sticky walls, or anything that’s about facilitation – except where there are implications for marketing and sales.
At the end of the two days, you’ll have:


Greater clarity about your own business vision, purpose, target market and client journey


Identified a range of business development services that could help you


Shared your own experiences, challenges and successes and learned from others’ experience and insights


Explored how collaboration could help improve efficiency and effectiveness for marketing and sales


Developed relationships with peers for ongoing business development support A draft business development plan.


£247 general admission
£197 (Early Bird – until Wednesday November 21st)

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